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Serve up seafood flavors to satisfy your cat's cravings with Purina Friskies Pate Mariner's Catch wet cat food. Delicious fish flavors in this canned pate cat food deliver the tastes of the ocean right to her dish, for delectable Friskies canned cat food pate recipes she's sure to love. This seafood pate cat food invites your cat to finish every bite with a smooth texture that's easy for her to sink her teeth into. An enticing aroma makes the overall dining experience even more enjoyable, and the visually appealing look gets her excited while you fill her dish. Each serving of wet cat food pate is 100 percent complete and balanced to support the growth of kittens and the maintenance of adult cats, so you can feel good about filling her bowl with this mouthwatering pate canned cat food recipe at any stage. Serve this Purina Friskies adult cat food variety to your playful kitty at every meal to delight her with the yummy goodness tucked inside each can.

Friskies Pate Mariners Catch Canned Cat Food

SKU: 10050000425041
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