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In 2021, GSARC established the Animal Response Team in order to assist local, state and national governments and organizations with advanced support regarding animal welfare. The Animal Response Team is comprised of GSARC Staff, Volunteers, Licensed Animal Control Officers, Humane Law Enforcement Officers, Licensed Veterinarians and Animal Handlers.

The Animal Response Team has access to some of the most cutting-edge technology available to the animal welfare industry thanks to our supporters and partnerships as we work to advance animal welfare.


The Animal Response Team currently has access to multiple transportation vehicles which increases our efficiency and capacity when on location for emergency response assistance. The vehicles and trailers in our fleet allow for advanced sanitation and ventilation levels for both Team Members and animals in our care.


The Animal Response Team has been part of multiple response situations since its inception including, natural disaster response, flood and water rescue, hurricane response, hoarding, winter storm response, animal shelter emergency and lost pet recovery.


The Animal Response Team has officially expanded its lost pet recovery program to the public on a case by case basis. 

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