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The Garden State Animal Rescue Center needs volunteers in all areas throughout our organization! Below are just some of the opportunities open to GSARC Volunteers. Please remember, all volunteers must complete the Volunteer Orientation Process.

Basic Care: Basic Care covers essential things that help our organization run smoothly such as laundry, dishes, and more.


Dog Walking: Our dogs are always in need of care, exercise, and enrichment! All dog walking volunteers will be trained the proper way to clean, care for, and walk our dogs.

Cat Socializing: Our cats are also in need of care, enrichment and extra loving! Feline care revolves around socializing cats and alittle cleaning when needed.

Welcome Desk: Volunteers at our welcome desk and adoption desk are the face of the Garden State Animal Rescue Center. These volunteers greet and direct visitors as well as being the first voice on the telephone.

Adoption Counselors: These volunteers have the important job of approving adoptions for our furry friends and giving them a new start in a loving home. Because of the absolute necessity of this department Volunteers will be asked to agree to a specific schedule. In addition to finding new home for our adoptables, you must also work with the animals to become familiar with them for adoption.

Foster Program: Some of our animals need a more comfortable environment for socialization or destressing, or may be too young  for adoption. These animals are placed into our foster program until they are ready to be adopted from their foster homes or come back to the GSARC.

Fundraising, Events, & Outreaches: The GSARC runs primarily off of donations, which are often collected through various fundraisers and events. Additionally, we attend outreach events where we bring animals that are available for adoption and information for educating the community. Outreaches often need animal handlers and volunteers for running our table.

Volunteer Opportunities 

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