We offer many services for the community.

Adoption Center

Our vision is to make New Jersey a place where every animal is treated with respect, kindness and love. Even though the animals in our care receive the best care possible, they really need a forever home.


Giving up your Pet

We understand that uncontrollable situations happen which may lead to unfortunate circumstances, causing families to rehome their pets. We ask that you do not walk into any shelter to surrender your pet without an appointment. Appointments are in place to help control the amount of in-house animals at any given time. Please contact our Customer Service Department to schedule an appointment to surrender your pet as needed. As a private not for profit organization, we have limited space and can only accept animals when space allows. Please do not post your pets on untrustworthy websites to find them a home– often these sites lead to horrible situations. Before making a decision to re-home your pet, consider our Pet Retention Program to help with your needs.


GSARC Spay/Neuter Clinic 




You can bring your pet to our clinic to be microchipped for a small fee! Microchipping involves placing a very small chip under your pet’s skin. This chip contains your information, and this information is placed in the AKC database. If your pet is lost, a special scanner can be used to ‘read’ your pet’s chip and find out who he belongs to, so you can be notified. It is an excellent way to make sure pet and owner can be re-united!

Lost and Found Pets

If you have lost or found a pet and need more information, please call our customer service department.