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If you have lost or found a pet and need more information,  please call our customer service department.

Found Pets

  • If you find a stray dog or cat or any other type of animal, or if you are trapping stray cats, please do NOT bring them directly in to the GSARC or any animal shelter. If you find a stray animal, please contact your police department or health department to arrange for your town’s animal control officers (ACO) to bring the strays to the appropriate animal shelter. Every town has contracts with different animal shelters and your police or health department will know which shelter has their contract. The GSARC contracts with specific towns and cannot take animals from a town unless we have a contract.

  • Be careful about bringing stray animals home especially if you have pets of your own.

  • Call your local veterinarian or animal shelter and ask if they can scan the found pet for a microchip.

Lost Pets

  • Check with your neighbors and all surrounding people in your neighborhood. Ask delivery people and mail carriers as well. Anyone that could have seen your pet recently.

  • Report your missing animal to  animal shelters in your surrounding area. Be sure to report your animal’s breed, sex, size, color, name and where it was lost and last seen. Leave your telephone number in case your pet is found. If you have a photo, do this in person so the photo can be included.

  • Visit local animal shelters as often as possible to see if your pet was brought in. Please keep in mind that animal shelters can be understaffed, and deal with many animals each day. Even if you have submitted a Lost Report, you are the only one who will be able to spot your pet in an instant. A staff member may see multiple stray similar animals in a day, but only you will know if one is yours.

  • Make lost fliers. Distribute copies of your flier in the mailboxes of houses in the area your pet was last seen.

  • Post a note on PetFinder’s Lost & Found Forum. PetFinder is read by many people in the New Jersey area and has helped find many pets. Make sure you put your town and NJ in the subject line.

  • Place a “lost pet” ad in PetFinder’s Classifieds section.

  • Also visit, and

  • Get everyone involved. Your neighbors, friends, relatives. Report it to as many people and organizations as possible.

  • Don’t give up!

  • Remember, keep ID on your pet at all times and consider microchipping.

Lost and Found Pets 

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