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Spay/Neuter Surgery Appointments
Admission:        TBD
Release:            TBD


The Garden State ARC Spay/Neuter Clinic provides low-cost spay and neuter for your pets. We can offer this high quality care for your pet because our staff specializes in spay/neuter surgery. If any aspects of your pet’s health would increase surgical risks, you will be consulted. After your pet awakens from surgery, he or she will spend time recovering while sleeping under a warm blanket.

Spaying and neutering your pet has significant health benefits and will help reduce the terrible overpopulation of pets that results in so many homeless animals in the shelter.

Owned animals:


Male: $100




<40lbs     $200

41-70       $250

71-100     $300

101+         TBD by vet


 <40lbs     $275

 41-70       $325

 71-100     $395

 101+         TBD by vet


TNR surgeries will be conducted every Monday and Tuesday.


All TNR surgeries include rabies, distemper, and ear tip. Microchipping and combo testing can be done for additional cost.

• Drop off: TBD.

• Any cat in a trap must also have a carrier to be transferred in to after surgery.

• Only 2 cats at a time (please call to make other arrangements)

• No Appointment Necessary
• Pick up will be the following morning at 7:30am

TNR prices:

TNR: $75/cat regardless of sex


*Surgeries can be performed on cats and dogs from the age of 2 months - 8 years old at the veterinarian's discretion.  Pets over six years of age will incur an additional fee to cover the cost of necessary pre-op blood work and extra medical equipment used.

Dog price includes surgery, e-collar, post op pain meds & 4 days of take home meds.
Proof of current rabies & distemper vaccinations is required at intake, otherwise vaccines will be done upon surgery date for an additional $30 per vaccine.

To schedule an appointment, email

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